All fees are flat rate and service attempts will be made at the hours most appropriate to effect service. All rates will reflect a set of three attempts of service. Our "Subject To Be Served" form must be filled out as completely as possible so service can be effected efficiently.


Due diligence is company policy with every attempt of service in order to keep your costs at a minimum.  However difficult to serve subjects may require surveillance to effect service.

Subjects known to actively dodge service are not considered routine and will require surveillance.

Surveillance is available at a rate of $75.00 per hour.  All surveillance must be pre-approved by the client.

Nationwide skip tracing is available and will be quoted on a case by case basis.

Payment terms are 30 days net to local attorneys only.  If payment is to be made by a third party, or an out of town attorney, a check for payment in full must be attached when civil process is picked up, or mailed in.

Service of Civil Process Rates

Berkeley County: $75.00 three attempts*
Beaufort County: $85.00 three attempts*
Charleston County: $65.00 three attempts*
Clarendon County: $75.00 three attempts*
Colleton County: $75.00 three attempts*
Darlington County: $75.00 three attempts*
Dorchester County: $75.00 three attempts*
Hampton County: $65.00 three attempts*
Jasper County: $85.00 three attempts*
Lee County: $75.00 three attempts*
Marlboro County: $75.00 three attempts*
An additional rush fee of $50.00 will apply when 24 hour service is requested.

*ALL attempts are per address. If we respond to a 2nd address provided by client or through skip tracing this will be considered a new set of attempts, and therefore will result in an additional charge. A special circumstances fee of $50.00 will apply when the process server must be at a certain place at a certain time to effect service.

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